• The Group has first-grade qualification as a specialist contractor of steel structure engineering. We are once contracted for construction of a number of steel structure projects and obtain several national patents and awards. We are the contractor for a dozen of landmark buildings in Tianjin, such as Tianjin Sports Center, Tuanbowa Cycling Stadium Project, Tianjin Grand Theater, Metro Line 3 Control Center, new gymnasium of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, new gymnasium of Tianjin University of Commerce, etc. Among them, Tianjin Sports Center covering an area of 110,000m2 consists of the main facilities like gymnasium, stadium, swimming pool, cycling stadium, baseball and softball field, and athletes' village. Huo Yuanjia Martial Club adopts an eight-slope grid structure with double-deck folded plates as its steel structure grid. The construction part of the steel structure of this project lies in its roof in the construction of a welded spherical grid, of which the planar projection is a four-axis symmetrical graph with a total of eight slopes. The plan size is 116.4m × 116.4m, the highest point 39.75m, the cantilever 10m, and the weight about 1,540t. Trusses are supported on 60 concrete columns. The steel roof of Tianjin Grand Theatre is about 235m long and 160m wide. It covers an area of 33,000m2 and has the highest point at the elevation of +30.6m. The roof structure consists of 28 longitudinal trusses, 50m horizontal trusses and tie beams and supports among these trusses. The roof trusses are supported on 18 non-uniformly distributed reinforced concrete core walls. The maximum span of the truss at the front door opening is 66.7m, the truss height is 4.7m, and the length of the largest front cantilever is 33.6m. The project is applied with the construction technique of bidirectional orthogonal steel truss roof with large span and large cantilever, which obtains 3 national patents (including 1 invention) and 3 municipal level construction methods and is certified to be up to the international advanced level. This project is awarded with several scientific awards such as China Civil Engineering “Zhan Tianyou” Award. The New Gymnasium Project of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the venues for the 13th National Games of China in 2017. Its steel roof employs an oval long-span suspendome structure which is rare in China. The construction techniques have formed 6 key technologies and obtained 2 national patents and 1 municipal level engineering method, which are identified to meet international advanced level. The New Gymnasium Project of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is constructed with the techniques has own China Steel Structure Gold Award.