• In recent years, the Group has been involved in new industrial fields such as energy auditing; energy-saving technology consulting and technical services; energy-saving renovation; contract energy management; operating maintenance of facilities and equipment; electromechanical equipment installation; intelligent system installation; technological development and system integration of renewable energy; software development; wholesale and retail of building materials, instrument accessories, and measuring instruments; electromechanical installation engineering maintenance. The Group regarding operating maintenance of equipment and facilities, energy-saving renovation and technological innovation as the main development directions, implements the contract energy management model in operation and maintenance projects, uses high-tech technical means to achieve centralized monitoring and analysis of data, and occupies the market of operating maintenance and energy-saving renovation with the concept of high-end intelligence. 

    The Group researches and develops operation management platform, energy consumption monitoring and analysis software and hardware, as well as video remote transmission monitoring software and hardware for construction equipment and facilities around the concept of "energy-saving". It adheres to the application of intelligent means to operation and maintenance projects, sticks to the contract energy management model projects, and insists on the completion of research and development of energy-saving products and energy consumption monitoring software. In the future, the Group plans to participate in the operation concessions of energy stations and the construction of sponge cities, and spares no effort in the construction of the smart city of Tianjin.