• The Group boasts the special-grade qualification as a general construction contractor for housing construction engineering and is able to undertake general construction contracting, general project contracting and project management at all levels. We have been contracted to build some key projects and landmark public buildings in Tianjin. Among them, Tianjin Binhai International Airport Terminal Project has a building area of 116,000m2, with transverse width of the main building 165m, the longitudinal length 480m, and the single floor area 50,000m2, for which the super-long prestress technology of 165m concrete structure is awarded the national construction method. Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium Project in the external shape of a "Water Drop” has a construction area of 158,000m2 and is internally set up with 60,000 audience seats to accommodate up to 80,000 people. Tai'an Road No. 5 Building Project has a construction area of 181,000m2, involving 3 underground floors and 54 floors above ground. The building height is 263m and excavation depth of its foundation pit is 18.2m. Yihang Mansion Project has a total construction area of 57,385m2. Its main building has the building height of 99.95m and the podium building has the height of 21.05m. Transportation Hub Project of Tianjin Railway Station covering an area of 140,000m2 is applied with the construction technique of covered excavation reverse construction method. With the deepest excavation depth of 32.5m, it is the deepest foundation pit in Tianjin up to now. Tai’an Road No. 4 Building (The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Tianjin) applies the exterior finish of European-style shale unplastered compound walls that are complex in structure. All external walls are constructed with traditional masonry techniques. The involvement of more than ten forms such as flat arches, circular arches, fancy walls, marble pillars, splayed windowsills, and back-shaped walls has high standards for building methods and quality. The construction form organically combining concrete frame structure and brick-concrete structure is the first case in Tianjin. The flat arches that are constructed by shale unplastered bricks have the maximum span of 2.8m. The multiple circular arches are built with staggering bricks. 13 kinds of irregular bricks are specially made and carefully constructed to present a beautiful and elegant effect. This technology obtains 3 national invention patents and 3 municipal construction methods. A number of projects have won Luban Awards and National Quality Project Awards, for instance 9# assembly plant for Airbus A320 aircraft assembly line, Tianjin Digital Television Building, Neurology Center of General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, Jinwan Plaza, Tianjin Cultural Center Grand Theatre, Tianjin Cultural Center Library, Renaissance Conference Hotel, etc. Contracted residential community projects include social security housing community in Ruijing residential district, Chadian Xinyuan Community in Tianjin Binhai New District, Tianfang Meiyu Group Community, Wuyi Sunshine Wuqing Project Phase I (Jinyuan), Tianjin Junliangcheng Demonstration Town and other projects are awarded "China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Awards". The Group has first-grade qualification as a general construction contractor of municipal public engineering. We were contracted to build the largest sewage treatment plant project in Tianjin that has a daily treatment capacity of 8 million tons; contracted to build heat source introduction project in Tianjin New District that covers the heat supply area up to 12 million m2 and the total length of pipe networks up to 11,600m. We are the contractor for the center lake bridge project. The bridge is designed into a deck type arch bridge combing multiple small spans. The bridge is arranged in the form that its span decreases progressively from the center to both ends. The bridge has the total length of 208.7m and covers an area of 6,469.7m2.