• Since the Group began foreign contracting business in 2000, we have carried out engineering contracting projects in 13 countries and regions including Europe, Caribbean Area, Africa and Oceania. We independently completed Tonga International Dateline Hotel Project and Ha’apai Middle School Economic Assistance Project and were contracted to build Samoan Parliamentary Integrated Office Building and Administrative Office Building Project of Ministry of Justice and the Court. in the meanwhile, we strengthened the cooperation with central government-led enterprises and undertook Trelawny Cricket Field Project, Montego Bay Convention and Exhibition Center, Economic Housing Project, and Luanna Garden Project in Jamaica, and Civil Engineering Part of Eramet Electrolytic Manganese and Silicomanganese Project in Gabon; as for the construction projects of Chinese embassies and consulates in other countries, we have completed the construction and renovation of Chinese embassies in Namibia, Iceland, Norway and Portugal; currently, the Group is actively cooperating with overseas enterprises and is working on Resort Hotel Project in Saipan, the United States and Ulam Uhde Residential Development Project in Russia. Since its establishment in 2015, Overseas Business Department of the Group has been sticking to the Group’s development plan and actively responding to the national call of “the Belt and Road Initiative” to classify overseas markets, explore key markets, and conduct multi-level cooperation with financial institutions and overseas companies for the sake of active transformation to capital operation and overseas investment, expansion of overseas business scopes and channels and exploration of markets in developed countries.