Corporate Culture

Strategic Positioning

The overall positioning is "An Integrated Service Provider for Urban Construction and Operation". We are committed to becoming a service provider that provides integrated service programs for urban construction and operation, integrated service programs for urban infrastructures, integrated solutions for urban development and operation, and integrated service solutions for industrial investment.

Missions, Visions and Values

Corporate missions

City Building and Quality Improving.

City Building, based on construction and related businesses, extend the core capabilities to the fields of urban infrastructure and ecological environmental protection, and continuously expand business scope and depth.

Quality Improving, focus on providing high quality products and services by strengthening user thinking and service, and propose total solutions for urban construction and operation that enhances the quality of urban life.

Corporate visions

To be a century-old enterprise with core competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities.

Core Competence: to have core competition advantages in the urban construction and operation field, featuring high value content, high imitation difficulty, high degree of scarcity, and strong irreplaceability.

Sustainable Development Capabilities: pursue self-survival and sustainable development while taking into account profit growth and capacity enhancement.

A Century-old Enterprise: the outstanding core competitiveness and solid sustainable development capabilities will help the Group become a century-old enterprise and achieve a lasting foundation.

Corporate values

Ingenuity, service and win-win situation.

Holding fast to the belief of craftsmanship and the craftsmanship spirit, we are committed to serving the city well, and building a century-long foundation; instead of being content with the status quo, we will insist on continuous innovation, and constantly seek technical enhancement and technological progress to provide distinctive industry-leading products and services.

Market-oriented with an open and service attitude; provide customers and partners with quality services and solutions; integrate internal and external multi-party resources with win-win mentality, establish close partnerships, and cooperate to achieve mutual benefits.

Future Development

The business pattern has shifted from the original “three major supports” to “four-wheel drive”.

The constructional engineering covering the whole construction industry chain services and construction technical services is the core business of the Group; urban infrastructure including municipal infrastructure and urban transformation and renovation is the key extension field of the Group and one of the major supports for structure adjustment; building services such as building energy saving, building intelligence, and ecological environmental protection are the reserve force and important potential growth point for the industry extension; investment development comprising PPP, real estate development, and equity investment is the focus of capital for transformation of the Group.

As for the business pattern, the Group will build the overall business pattern based on "service extension, industry foremost, investment penetration, business collaboration, and asset accumulation" to achieve a positive and efficient cycle of "service-industry-assets".